I credit my sobriety for my ability to start my own business, and it was the best career decision of my life. Whether you know you want to stop drinking and live an alcohol free life, are sober curious, or are in recovery this podcast is for you. Yeah, no, Europe is very ahead of us in this way, especially like the UK.

Reasons Why You’ll Love Life Alcohol-Free

They want to be able to have the freedom to switch back and forth and be able to extend their nights. So even if, I liken it to the success of Oatly, for example, or Impossible Burger, where people who, people who still want oat milk might also still drink dairy. They’re just on their phones all the time. Everything they need, they can get through streaming or through apps, et cetera, that it’s just a reduction in adventurousness. Maybe I can put it that way, that we’re seeing. That is partially translating into the choice of living a zero-proof life.

Improved Energy and Mental Health

  1. You know, I think it’s a newer resource.
  2. Like, I feel like we’ve been kind of duped.
  3. So it will have that complexity and that mouthfeel and the botanicals, but they stop the process before the alcohol actually comes into play.

And when they did a pop up in New York city, all the drinks were the same cost, the same regardless if there was alcohol in it or not. And, but they explained, they said, we make this nonalcoholic drink. The consumer, because this is so new, they don’t understand alcoholism and anger management all the work that actually goes into making both the products and a nonalcoholic drink. And in many ways, the, there’s more labor in terms of the raw materials and the sort of behind the scenes, like what’s going on in the kitchen and then the prep kitchen.

You’ll be happier

You can make a fake negroni, you can make a fake gin and tonic, and they have that complexity. There’s really, you can find fake Negroni’s that are bottled that are absolutely fantastic. If anything, the market is growing, and it’s been projected to continue to grow. what is ayahuasca So I think alongside that we will continue to see a decline or at least a stabilizing in the number of young people who don’t want to consume alcohol. Emily, as you said, there are a number of surveys and studies out there that sort of indicate the same trends.

Because how will you not you know, once you start to like yourself, and you what you can start to focus on self-care. Of course, you want to think about what you’re putting in your body. Of course, you want to care about the environment, and what you’re putting on your skin. So, one thing follows on from the other. And in The Sober Club, we love kind of bringing in a whole load of other stuff as well. And even people who, you know, we’ve had people in the sober club, who I remember was one woman who’d been sober for something like 18 months, but then she was about to go on a long haul flight.

And so I mean, I think unlike cigarettes, like you were talking about before, drinking is still sort of, you’re right back in the 1950s. Where every TV show every movie, every social gathering, like it’s glamorized everywhere. I’m the same way that it used to be for cigarettes with all the stars smoking and you know, sophisticated women smoking and it being the thing to do. I totally relate to what you’re saying. And one of the things I’ve noticed on 1000 hour dry, your community is, there is more accessible education, about the dangers of alcohol than I see in a lot of other places and really quick, like digestible format, but facts. You know, I would get the drunk tank, or I would get like the suit.

You know, they’re not morbidly obese, they’re, they’re just a lot more conscious of what they put in their bodies, like, not with smoking, that’s still really heavy over in Europe. But when it comes to like food consumption, I think and beverage consumption, they’re a lot healthier than we are. This episode is about the dry life and specifically choosing a lifestyle, not a label. My guest is marijuana addictive today is Kayla Lyons, who is the 28-year-old founder of 1000 hours dry and the host of The Dry Life podcast. She stopped drinking at 23 years old, which is incredibly young. The social trends of “Dry January” and “Sober October” have challenged people to stop drinking for a month to decrease their tolerance, improve their health, and get a different perspective on their drinking.

Alcohol use and poor sleep are closely linked because alcohol messes with your sleep-wake cycle. For one, drinking alcohol makes falling and staying asleep much harder.Alcohol also relaxes the muscles in your throat, so you’re more likely to have problems like snoring or disorders like sleep apnea. Many people with alcohol use disorder also have other mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia. The American Society of Clinical Oncology adds that limiting or quitting alcohol while you’re having cancer treatment may help you avoid complications. This includes cancer recurrence or the development of secondary primary tumors (SPTs). Quitting alcohol has a number of important mental health benefits.

I assaulted my boyfriend at the time, then I called the cops on myself, because green just, totally, you know, I think internally I like just really wanted to stop, but I didn’t know. And I was like, okay, not going to jail. Um, and that’s kind of when I think my actual sober curious journey began. Because up until then, I never really took it seriously. I just always kind of wore it as this like badge of honor. And it scares me, because if I was still drinking, I probably think a lot of that stuff was still really funny.

Empowering high achievers with virtual coaching and community support for 90 alcohol-free days, with flexibility for moderation afterward. If you find that you can’t locate a physical support group around, check out our support app Daybreak. It’s a beautiful community of people, with anonymous online handles. Posting in the community feed whatever your thoughts are, is a great way to feel supported, as people are active in the app and will respond quickly and positively. Or did you just want to feel more productive with your life?